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A Form of Blackmail

aspartame meme

I see this stuff float through my Facebook feed all the time. I chose this one because it's so ridiculous and funny. If you're going to make a meme, spell the words right.

But this one contains the scare words: genetically modified.

GMOs. Oh, no. The sky is falling.


But there are memes like this one, too, that look more sensible.

And I bought into them for a long time.

Stay with me, here, regardless of how you feel about this quasi-religious topic, because I'm not trying to argue for GMOs. I'm trying to make a much larger point about change.

When we moved here to our little farm in Kentucky, we were all anti-GMO. We were "organic" people. No Roundup on this property. Honestly, I wasn't sure why I felt that way. It just seemed that "natural" had to be better.

All those unpronounceable things had to be bad.

I just accepted it. I didn't really question it much.

Mark Lynas

And then, one day a few years ago, I found this.

The video is about an hour long. If you want to watch it, I'll wait. If you don't, here's the brief synopsis: Mark Lynas was a big mover with Greenpeace, an environmentalist's environmentalist. An activist. He had a complete change of heart and mind about GMOs, went to a farming conference and spoke, publicly apologizing for his former activism and explaining why he had changed his mind.

That didn't completely change my mind, but it was the catalyst that made me start asking questions. And Dave and I searched and read and looked and asked.

And then we went and bought a big jug of Roundup and sprayed our fenceline.

Changing one's mind is not "flip-flopping." It's not shameful. It's often very positive.

I grew up in a culture that taught me that Jesus never, ever changes his mind, so I shouldn't either.

Dan Storify

And that brings me directly to this.

From Dan Keller's wretched Storify page, this is a copy of one comment made during a private message I shared with Camille K. Lewis.

This is what Camille does. It's a kind of threat. A kind of blackmail.

Camille's message is "Shut up, or I am going release more of this sort of thing."

An additional message, one to other people, is "This is what I'll do to you if you dare disagree with me or criticize me in any way."

I consider private messages and emails to be just that - private. The only time I deviate from that position is in a case like this - where Camille has decided that they are not private.

So, here I present, with a wee bit of commentary from time to time, every single private message I ever shared with Camille K. Lewis.

Disclaimer: The people who are spoken about negatively (and wrongly) here to any great extent already know about this stuff. We have been in communication and I have profusely and sincerely apologized for my wrong-headed opinions. There are also negative opinions that I expressed that I still think are valid. While I wouldn't have chosen to put them out publicly on the internet, Camille has made that necessary.

First Private Message

This accompanied a friend request. It's the only one I have for which I don't have a year, however, I believe it was in 2011.

First PM

And here comes the whole reason for the friend request. See the remark about the Havens story I have outlined in red? That's what Camille wanted. I had told that story and she wanted to establish a "relationship" so she could find out if I could be of any further use to her.

She knew that I'd had a problem with Leah Hayes in the old Survivor group and so she took the opportunity to plant the "Leah Hayes is mentally ill" story, something I fell for, hook, line, and sinker.

First PM First PM

Second Private Message

Second PM Second PM Second PM Second PM

Third Private Message

This exchange followed some conversation in one of the groups where Camille said that Bob Senior's wife died of tuberculosis, ten months after they were married. Thinking that Camille was the Great Historian and She Who is Accurate in All Things, I just believed she knew what she was saying.

Third PM Third PM Third PM Third PM

Notice the highlighted part. I thought that's what Camille was doing - looking for the truth, no matter what it was.

Third PM Third PM Third PM Third PM Third PM

And this was the first little chink in the wall for me. After all that crap - she read the damn thing and Senior's first wife did not die of tuberculosis. She died of pneumonia in a day when there were no antibiotics. Notice that I didn't reply. What do you say to that? It reminds me of another situation.

Third PM

Fourth Private Message

Fourth PM Fourth PM

Please notice below that I stressed that this is just hearsay. I thought Camille understood what that meant.

Fourth PM Fourth PM

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