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A Form of Blackmail, Page 2

Fifth Private Message

Note: I did not have the slightest idea that William Peck was an ongoing fake identity. I knew nothing at that time about the use Camille made of him to mock Jocelyn Zichterman. I thought that she'd just made a fake email address and that William Peck was an actual BJU employee. Remember, I haven't been on the campus to amount to anything in many years.

I thought it was just a harmless prank.

The good news, of course, is that she admitted that she invented Peck.

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Sixth Private Message

Do notice that this message has nothing at all to do with Greg Easton, as Dan Keller claims.

Sixth PM Sixth PM

Seventh Private Message

I have no idea what this conversation is about. I just don't remember.

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Eighth Private Message

Note: Dear Greg, I am sorry. You were not wrong. I never saw the original post in context. I just went with what Camille had told everyone - and she did, in fact, tell everyone that you posted photos of her children. I should have looked up the original before making any comment about it. But then, you already know that.

Eighth PM

And here we have the first mention I remember of "special visitors with shiny badges." Camille simply loves to pretend that she is making police reports right and left.

Eighth PM Eighth PM Eighth PM Eighth PM

And she is so surprised that Greg banned me. Like she never heard of such a thing before. I was such a sucker at this point.

Eighth PM Eighth PM

And we're back to lawyers again.

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Ninth Private Message

In the weeks that followed this exchange, I began to wonder about all the "I called the FBI" stuff. Camille seemed to rattle on and on about it, but nothing ever happened.

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Unless I have the dates all scrambled (and memory isn't really very reliable) it was just about this point that Camille began openly attacking me in public. One day, she made some snarky comment about my atheism, and alluded to how often I mentioned it. I went back and checked my previous 25 or so comments in that group to see if she was right. She was wrong.

Ordinarily, I don't care if somebody chooses not to like me. It's okay. I'm not out here trying to win the "Miss Congeniality" award. But Camille was on my Facebook friend list and she was openly hostile to me for no reason that I could see. So I did something about it.

I didn't want to unfriend her, simply because it seemed overly dramatic - but neither did I want her to see the stuff I post on my wall. It's pretty heavily atheistic. And I reserve the right to post anything on my Facebook page I wish, from cute puppies to anti-Jesus tirades.

I created a special category called "Friends Except Camille K. Lewis" and set all my posts that way. It was like that for months, until I finally decided it was just ridiculous to continue (since I wasn't "following" her at all) and unfriended her.

Tenth Private Message

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Eleventh Private Message

And this message has been discussed at length here.

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Twelfth Private Message

Coming eight days after the Havens message, this was our last exchange. The whole thing - all the "I'm calling the police" and the stuff about Murray Havens, published completely unvetted, and the "Bob Senior's wife died of tuberculosis, only no, she didn't" and the "Greg Easton posted photos of my children, only, no, he didn't" - it all just got to me and I quit.

I finally confided to a friend about the Murray Havens story and was told that if I tried to talk to Camille about it, she would destroy me. The rest is history.

Twelfth PM Twelfth PM

So What?

So, we circle back to GMOs.

Camille completely took me in. Cathy Harris never did. I read two pages of Cathy's blog and thought "this is not real." Maytag was obvious from the first time I ever noticed her. But Camille took me in. I believed her. I thought she knew what she was talking about. I really thought she'd called the police. I thought she'd vetted the Havens story. I thought she'd researched Mrs. Jones, Sr's death enough to know the cause. I thought she was telling the truth when she told me that Greg Easton put up photos of her children and when she told me that Leah Hayes was mentally ill.

And like Mark Lynas, I thought GMOs were horrible.

I was wrong about all of it. I have been wrong before. I will undoubtedly be wrong again.

But Camille K. Lewis is not going to hold a few private messages over my head like a club and threaten me.

Don't friend Camille, don't do PMs with her - just don't. You have been warned.