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The Wizard of Boz and Leah

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This one, a request to go public, was in a separate email thread. And of course, Boz granted that permission in the other thread, above.

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Here are hot links to the links Leah put in her email exchange.

Dan Keller's idiotic Storify page

The Fake Attorney

Article in the Greenville News Online and comments

Dan Keller is wrong.

pesky facts

Really, Dan.

Camille threatens attorney

Really, Camille.

this web site page 2

Really, Maytag.

cat eating crow

image courtesy of Tanakawho

Really, St. Cat.

Enjoy that crow.

Dan Keller is wrong.

And so was I. The Wizard of Boz spoke out. Thank you, Boz Tchividjian.



As a brief response to the naysayers, who insist that no way in the world did Boz Tchividjian write an email to Leah Hayes (the clear implication is "of all people") denying that Beth James was Charissa, here is the header from the pertinent email.

header complete

Obviously, this is teeny tiny pretty much unreadable print, but I wanted to include it so you can see that Leah's email client didn't want to wrap the text - and she didn't know how to force it to do that.

header cropped

Here is an enlarged shot, and you can see that doing that forced the creation of a scroll bar due to the refusal of the damn program to wrap.

And I realize that this creates a situation where you can't read it all.

header in Word

So, here's the whole header, cut and pasted into Word so it's clear and complete. I've blacked out Leah's email address, but highlighted the information that is meaningful (at least from the little I know about headers.)

For those who don't know, each email sent has some code (like that above) which is something like the tracking information on a Fed Ex package. It tells when the message was sent, where from, who from, and tracks it as it traverses the internet to arrive in the recipient's inbox.

It is possible to fake headers. Doing so is called "spoofing." And in those two sentences, you have read all that I know about spoofing. I have not a single clue how to do it. Nor does Leah. We, in fact, had to resort to Google to even figure out how to access a header in the first place.

Where does this leave us?

It leaves us here. We have shown you the statement from Boz, which was sent via email to Leah Hayes and then he gave her permission to let me have a copy.

The fact that the Queen and her Court don't think Boz releases statements that way doesn't change anything at all.

In fact, it raises a huge question: They have been desperate to see me put in jail now for months. I am not exaggerating even slightly. They have tried their best, down to inventing a fake profile of a fake attorney to repeatedly threaten me and others. They declared repeatedly and with great confidence that we on The List had all received cease and desist letters, presumably from Jeff Anderson, who supposedly took Cathy's "case" for no money or something like that.

Now is their chance.

If Leah, or I, or both of us are faking emails from a former prosecutor, and then spoofing the header, and if they are all besty buddies with The Wizard, why don't they just call him? Surely he would want to know. Surely he would fire off one of those real cease and desist letters, telling me to stop it right now.

But you see, they refused to admit it when we proved that DJ did not commit suicide. Fossen has an article on her blog that continues to accuse Beth Murschell of causing that fake suicide, right now, today, all these months later. They refused to admit it when we showed that Cathy Harris never spoke to the entire Pennsylvania legislature about anything, ever. They refused to admit it when the day came and went (back in September 2014) when they were certain we'd all gotten lawyer letters. When I very clearly documented that Cathy is a plagiarist, Jason Benner not only had no comment (I didn't expect one), but he didn't take down the copied article. He left it right there with Cathy quite prominently described as the author. When I showed that "Concerned Pastor" is undoubtedly not Richard Harris, as they have claimed for a long, long time, and in fact, is much more likely to be Cathy herself, not a peep from them.

When I showed that Camille Lewis is, in fact, William Peck, and that she used this fake identity to mock Jocelyn Zichterman mercilessly, Camille does nothing at all. The William Peck Facebook page remains in place. It's irrelevant to discuss whether or not Jocelyn was guilty of anything. What is important is that Camille uses fake identities to stalk people. And when I tried to contact Camille, early on, to express my very real and valid concerns that she uses stories and claims them as "scholarship" when they are nothing more than unsubstantiated internet rumors, she refused to talk to me.

So, I don't exactly hold my breath waiting for one of them to have an "Aha!" moment and admit anything.

Any reasonable person can evaluate all this for themselves. And I only really care about reasonable people.

man kissing camel

Image courtesy of David Dennis via Creative Commons

But, Dan, by all means, keep typing. When you get diarrhea of the keyboard, it's like Christmas for me.

The Queen must be so proud.


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