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Frequently Asked Questions


This is my web site. Not yours. I get to pick out the stuff I want to talk about. You are completely free to go get your own website and say whatever you wish, but I don't have to pay for your megaphone. Not all questions deserve or require an answer, even if asked frequently.

Why are you doing this?

This is often accompanied by phrases like "picking on a poor victim," or "can't we all be happy and get along" or other such sentiments. Mostly, if you have to ask this, you don't know enough about the situation to understand what is happening in the first place.

I'm tired of the deceit. That's really all.

Who is in it with you? Isn't this a huge conspiracy consisting of you and "name of whoever you don't like goes here"? Aren't you just the public face of an evil cabal of wizards behind the curtain?


Are you "Defending"?

Catherine Harris

No. Nor am I collaborating with Defending. Defending makes such outrageously idiotic statements that I am convinced s/he is a POE. And I think I know who is doing it. And no, I don't think it's Richard Harris or any of his biological children.

Come on, now. You're working with the Harris family.

No, I'm not. I do not know, nor have I ever been in touch with anyone from the Harris family.

Catherine Harris

As my mother used to say, I got it at the Gettin' Place. But what is interesting to me is that Cathy is here confirming that the email is real. It is actually from her actual email account and from Richard Harris. This means that "Concerned Pastor" is almost certainly not Richard Harris. Thank you, Cathy, for that.

Catherine Harris

Let me put this as simply as I can. I do not believe that you, at age about 11, were raped by one man while another man watched, who then refused to pay the bill for watching, and infuriated Cleo to the point that she poured boiling water all over you, burning you over 60% of your body, after which, with just a few months recovery, you were required to do all the farm chores including milking multiple cows and feeding multiple horses and mucking out stalls, etc., as well as caring for an incapacitated man all by yourself. Now you go figure out why I doubt that story.

Catherine Harris

And here we have more confirmation that the email from Richard Harris is real.

Catherine Harris

I don't think I've ever asserted that you don't have bone cancer. I do think there are some odd things about your alleged cancer, and I'll address them later, but to your question - there are several reasons why Dr. Harris might mention Dr. Ogilvie in the email. First and most obvious is that you told him about Dr. Olgivie. That doesn't mean anything except that you told him something. It appears he assumed that you were going to have a follow-up appointment with him (a doctor in Pennsylvania when you lived in South Carolina), which implies that he believed that you'd had an original appointment. Unless he went with you, he couldn't really know that, though, for sure. Did he go with you? And what about that follow-up appointment? Did you ever go?

Why do you hang out with a woman who believes in faith healing?

Why do you?

Benny Hinn

Linda was greatly impacted by the ministry of Pastor Benny Hinn, internationally known for his miracle crusades. He prayed and prophesied over her on many occasions. His prayer that "Jesus Christ would make you whole from the top of your head to the soles of your feet" became the name for her ministry "I Am Whole, Inc."

Seriously, this is a really silly question coming from people who believe in talking snakes, virgin births, and a guy who camped out in a whale's mouth.

In addition, the person in question is a friend of mine on Facebook. I have almost 200 friends on Facebook. I have no idea what percentage of those people also believe in talking donkeys and people who walk on water. I haven't asked them. If they don't mind the stuff I do on Facebook, we're good. If they irritate me, they're gone. I assume it works the same way with them.

The Ten Claims of the 2nd Edition Page

You can read them all if you wish in the original setting. [Actually, no, you can't. They've removed that page.] Please take note that when possible, I link to their page. You will hunt in vain for a link over there leading you here, though. Why would that be, do you suppose?


Catherine S Harris

I never claimed anything like this. Maybe somebody else did. I don't remember, frankly. Whether or not Cathy is helpful and loves kittens is not the issue here.


Catherine S Harris

Well, here is what I have explained in great detail. As far as what "these people" might have done, or tried to do, or even who "these people" might be, all that is irrelevant.


Catherine S Harris

I am aware that BJU doesn't teach critical thinking skills, or anything that even approaches logic, but I'll try this anyway. If you can catch me in a lie, even a huge whopper, that doesn't make the Tozar page real. And if you catch somebody else in a lie, even a terrible awful very big lie, that doesn't mean that Beth "abandoned" DJ. See how that works? Think about it a little bit.


Catherine S Harris

I never claimed anything at all about any fiction book (except Cathy's blogs, which I believe are almost entirely fiction), but let's talk about the money exchange thing. Cathy produced a photo of a check and a hand scrawled list. I addressed both here.

We're back to that pesky critical thinking thing again. Whether The Christian Beacon paid Cleo some money for something or not, that in no way proves that Carl McIntire raped Cathy, with or without Bob Jr. watching. Seriously, go read the page.

Burns, yet again

Catherine S Harris

Please read this. Twice if you need to. And by the way, one person is not "many."

Awful things

Catherine S Harris


One reason I made this web site was that the accusations were being flung around like sand in a playground fight. I wanted to get away from "she said/she said." I wanted to deal with facts that could be verified. Should you have any such facts, that are verifiable, feel free to send them to me and I'll evaluate them (and really, I will try to be fair). If I've got anything really wrong, I'll correct it. So far, it's been "Pittsburgh."


Catherine S Harris

Nobody illegally (or any other way) accessed Cathy's personal email account. And nobody got that email from the Harris family. Note that it is a printout. You know, like on a printer. Like real paper. Think for a minute about what that might mean. And thanks again for yet another corroboration that the email from Richard Harris is the real deal. I thought it was.


Catherine S Harris

Defending. Not me. Not anyone I know. Nothing at all to do with anyone I know. I expect, though, that it's someone you know.


Catherine S Harris

Here's an experiment. I dare you. Have a private conversation with somebody. Pick almost anyone who went to BJU. During the course of that private conversation, say, "I don't believe Cathy's stories." Sign off and wait. See what happens.

Or just read this.

She doesn't have to "put up a page." You do it for her. She just sits back and watches and feeds you bogus crap about Beth.

Something about GRACE, I think

Mental Health

Catherine S Harris

It is never a good idea or accepted medical practice to support delusional thinking. There are only two exceptions to this that I can think of. One is an Alzheimer's patient - smile sweetly and go along with them if that helps deal with the situation. The other is a drug-addled looney in the Emergency Room as you're trying to give him a sedative and he's trying to rip off your arm. I assume Cathy is neither of those.

Friends don't let friends think totally nutty stuff.


Catherine S Harris

This was just hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

However, you didn't really hide it, you know. The bogus Beth/DJ stuff is still right there in your photos, along with all the rotten comments leading up to insinuating something about murder. [Note: the page this was on has been removed from Facebook, and that's a good thing.] And Linda Fossen is freely posting a link to her godawful blog with her totally libelous articles about Beth, with nary a word from you.

Now, you can allow anything you like on your own page, Fake Anonymous Admin Person, and it's really nothing to me. As I said elsewhere, you're just providing me with material. But don't say you're "hiding" stuff when you aren't. I think they call that "lying."