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The Fake Scholar

I asked: "Who is Will Peck?"

Camille Lewis replied: "Will Peck doesn't exist. I totally made him up."

He appears to have been invented almost entirely to provide an anonymous place for Camille to criticize, ridicule, and otherwise deride Jocelyn Zichterman. Jocelyn, who ran a Facebook page devoted to abuse, both sexual and psychological, in the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) network of churches, was instrumental in pointing law enforcement to the culprit (since found guilty and now serving a prison sentence) in the Tina Anderson rape case.

Here are some samples from the William Peck page.

Well, actually, William Peck = Camille Lewis. Thou hast been warned.

altered movie poster

There are several of these.

And then there is the little issue of copyright infringement.

Here is a comparison between the fake William Peck (AKA Camille Lewis) and the real Camille Lewis on the issue of painting one's face:

And just so we're certain that the above post was made by Camille, here are her own words later in the ensuing conversation:

Contrast that with this from "William Peck":

In addition to the fake William Peck page, Camille also created a blog cleverly named "" (with the word "pecadilloes" mispelled on purpose) where she put lots of documents all related to Jocelyn and what Camille doesn't like about her. That would be fine, except this site purportedly is run by "Bill and Steve." "Bill" is William Peck AKA Camille Lewis. Not sure about "Steve," but no matter.

We know that "Bill" is Camille, because she put "Bill's" photo at the bottom of the page:

The blog contains lots of the same colorful striped memes all with Jocelyn's doctored photo front and center, along with various screen shots of things Camille didn't like that Jocelyn said. Interspersed are various shots of documents as well.

And she added a YouTube channel as well.

Camille K Lewis Bob Jones University

This is not about whether or not Jocelyn was right or wrong in the the things she did, or what issues Camille had with her. It's about using a fake Facebook page and a fake blog and a fake YouTube channel to attack her.

Simone Jones enjoyed Peck