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A Time To Speak

...a time to cast away,

Ecclesiastes 3:6b

Chapter Twenty


So who the hell was this guy?

It had to be someone connected with FCU, that much was obvious. Nobody else would have an interest in contacting FCU grads and getting on their friends list. Beyond that, I didn't have a clue.

I looked again at "Brian's" friend list. Should I warn them this guy was a fake? Almost everyone on that list was someone from FCU, but they didn't matter to me. The only people I saw on there that I cared about were Alicia and Win. I could send them a quick message, at least.


Hey guys, you won't believe what I just found out. That Brian guy from FCU Victors, the one I was in school with? He's not Brian. He's a fake. Somebody took his picture from his church's web site and used his identity to make a fake profile for him on Facebook. I don't know who it is, but they're an asshole and you should be careful whatever you say to them.


John, what do you mean? How do you know it's not really Brian?


Trust me, it's not him. The real Brian is a strong KJVO person, but his life verse on his profile is in the NIV version. His church hates FCU, but he's posting public messages of support on their FB page. And he lied about his sister when I asked. He said Marian is married with children, when according to Brian's dad's profile, she died about fifteen years ago.

I included web links so they could follow what I was saying.

Look for yourself. He's a fake. He's a total sock puppet.


That's TERRIBLE! Who would do that? Why would they go to all that trouble?


I don't know, but they weren't careful enough. I'm going to find out who it is, and then I'm going to nail that bastard.


Ok, I just defriended him. I don't want to say anything to someone when I can't even trust who they say they are. Are you defriending him too? Maybe we should report him to Facebook.


No, I'm going to do worse than that. I'm dealing with this personally. I'm going to be his worst nightmare. He's going to wish he never met me.


Please be careful, John. I know you're angry, but I don't want to see you hurt. Is it worth all the anger?


I'll be okay. Quit worrying, Alecia, and let me handle this.

God, we'd spent so much time online together, we were starting to sound like an old married couple. I'd actually gotten to know Alecia better than I knew Win. Speaking of Win, where was she?

Several hours later, Win finally sent a message.


OK, thanks, John.

And that was all she wrote. That was all she ever wrote to us, these days.


Win was too busy for us any more, with all the stuff she was working on with Regina. And I don't think Regina liked me very much, which meant Win wasn't allowed to like me very much either. Regina had sent me a private message not long before this.


Hi Alecia. A while back you said in the Victors group that the school is considering a limited intercollegiate sports program as a way to boost attendance.


Yes, that's right. It's not a secret that our numbers are down from where they used to be.


By how much?


I'm not at liberty to say.


Alecia, you seem like such a reasonable person, not like those FICs who can never criticize the school. You seem like you realize it has problems.


I do.


It would really help me do my research on the school if I knew how much their student body has declined in recent years. Even a general idea would help.


It would really help me, Regina, if you and the others wouldn't exaggerate problems at the school and take them out of context. There's no reason to invent things about the school. It has enough real issues all its own. You and Katrina need to stop whipping people like Peter and Stan into a frenzy over stupid things. It doesn't help.

Regina had never written me back, so I was pretty sure where I stood on her list. I didn't mind at all. But I did wish that Win had not gone over to her side quite so much.

Today was a pretty quiet day on Victors. There were a few posts on a thread about a movie someone had seen, and another person was talking about climate change, debating with a few others about how real it was or wasn't. There wasn't much interaction going on there anymore. I had noticed a definite drop in activity since Reg and her followers had started the Overcomers page. People still started threads on the Victors page, but it wasn't much fun now that every thread was turned into an opportunity to criticize the school. Dennis had mostly dropped out, Starr had left the page completely, I was not allowed to participate, and John was disgusted by the whole thing. Most of the others, the ones who really hated FCU, spent a majority of their time on Overcomers.

I wasn't allowed to participate there, either, but the school hadn't said I couldn't read it. I clicked on the link and waited a few seconds for the page to load.

Today was a busy day on Overcomers, because the head of the FML had finally issued a statement about the allegations that he was molesting young girls in his office. That statement, and people's responses to it, were the top thread of the day. But the next thread underneath it caught my eye.


Transcript of Secret Staff Meeting at FCU

A friendly source gave us this information from a secret staff meeting Seth Thomas had with the faculty/staff of FCU on a recent Tuesday morning. Read Dr. Seth's words for yourself. We have them on the run!

Dr. Seth: I want to take this time today to warn you faculty and staff members about FCU groups and FCU related groups which you will meet online, if you spend any time there at all, particularly on Facebook. There are groups of bitter, warped graduates and former students online who are spreading vicious half-truths and distortions about the work we do here at Foothills Christian University. They are godless and rebellious, lovers of lies rather than lovers of that which is good and lovely, and you would do well to avoid them

You deserve to know one thing about all the innuendoes you are hearing, the stories about cruel things said to particular students, hateful doctrines that were taught in class, things that we would never say to our students whom we love so much. None of the things they are saying has any truth to them. None at all.

Let me make myself plain: if you are found to be an active participant in any of the following Facebook groups, your standing with the school will be in danger: FCU Victors, FML Survivors, Amazing Faith Avengers, Servant's Survivors, and FCU Pride.

Do you see this, Overcomers? Dr. Seth is threatening people's jobs just for reading the truth about FCU on a Facebook page somewhere. Do you see it? Can you believe it? Well guess what, FCU-faculty and staff have first amendment rights, too! They can read whatever they want, they're allowed to think whatever they want, and there's not a thing you can do about it. And this nonsense won't help your declining student base, either. FCU is going to go down in flames, and the Overcomers will be there to watch it happen!

That post had Regina written all over it. She had somehow found a transcript of Dr. Seth's speech, the one I had just sat through the week before, cleaned it up so it didn't say anything bad about her, exaggerated what it did say, and posted it publicly.

Then I remembered those personal email addresses she had listed, the private ones for senior administration members, some of which didn't even appear in the faculty/staff directory. I had wondered, at the time, where those were coming from. Now it was obvious: Regina had someone on campus, somebody who was either faculty or staff, feeding her information.



I don't know where you're getting the information from faculty and staff meetings, but I don't think it's right for you to take those comments and post them publicly. I would appreciate it if you would take them down. I'm speaking now just for myself, not on behalf of the school. You are not posting all of the comments, just the ones that fit the way you want the school to be presented, and it's really not fair. I'm asking you, as a sister in the Lord, not to do that any more.

I received an answer fairly quickly. Within half an hour, Regina blocked me.