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A Time To Speak

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

Bruce Lee

Chapter Thirty


I didn't know this until later, but John and I had actually been watching Brian's new thread about Sam at the exact same time. But while John was coming up with a lot of questions, I was getting a lot of answers that I didn't like.

It was all so clear. I couldn't believe I'd never figured it out until now.


1. I disagreed with Reg publicly, and then Brian posted about Sam.

2. Regina could message Brian but I couldn't, and Brian would respond to Regina but he wouldn't respond to me.

3. I never saw Brian's post, but somehow both Reg and Katrina did.

4. And now I couldn't post anything on Overcomers at all.

There was absolutely no question in my mind about who "Brian" really was.

I opened up a private message with Reg and Katrina.


Are you brave enough yet to post things about my brother under your own name, or are you going to keep on posting under a fake profile?

Reg answered almost immediately.


I don't appreciate being accused of impersonating an IFB pastor. If you have proof that Brian is not a real person, send it to me.


You FICs never want to take responsibility for your own behavior! If you weren't comfortable with having your conversations about abuse victims in public, then you shouldn't have had them at all! We did nothing wrong!


Katrina, send me that screenshot you said you had of Brian's comments the first time he started posting about my brother. And Regina, I'd really like a screenshot of your conversation with Brian when you asked him to remove his posts about Sam. Then maybe we can talk about people taking responsibility.


I'm not going to play these silly games with you, Win. I have a very busy life with lots of responsibilities. Either you believe me or you don't. I have other things to do with my life besides try to convince you that I'm one of the good guys. I am done discussing this subject.


As a survivor of long term abuse, I understand how people play with power and I know how abusers try to push off their mistakes on other people. You can't intimidate me. I will speak my truth over and over, no matter how people respond. I WILL be heard!


All I want is those screen shots. Until then we have nothing to say to each other.

Of course they never answered. I knew they wouldn't.

Somewhere in this process both Katrina and Regina had defriended me. So had Bonita, Stan, Peter and Mitch, but not Neville, who was probably just sitting back and watching, trying to figure out how to be friends with absolutely everyone at once. I wondered why they all didn't just block me, and then realized it was probably for the same reason that I didn't block them: I wanted to see what they would do next. Without a doubt they were all talking about me in their secret little group, complaining that I had been an enemy all along, and planning their next move.

I had never felt so alone. John and Alecia were long gone, and now, so were the people I had thought were my friends all these months. I couldn't talk to Sam about what was happening, obviously-in fact, I needed to keep it from him at all costs. And I certainly couldn't tell my mom what was going on. She would be devastated that I had told anyone at all outside the family about Sam. I couldn't talk to anyone at my job or at church, since almost all of them were connected to FCU. Clark would support me, of course, but he had no interest in alumni affairs.

For several days I felt angry, helpless, even a little depressed. I wished that I had never found FCU online, that I had never joined any of the alumni groups. I wanted to get on Overcomers and tell everyone there what horrible people they were dealing with, but I couldn't because of the blocks Reg and Katrina put in place. Besides, even if I did, they might decide to harass Sam.

It was Faith, of all people, who got me out of my down mood. I had been too depressed to even get on Facebook, but she sent an email to the address listed on my Facebook profile.

Poor Faith. She was so sweet and so innocent and so clueless, all at the same time.

How had I forgotten about Victors?

Finally, there was something I could do. I was so angry! I wanted to strike back, to hurt them as badly as they had hurt me, but until Faith reminded me, I had forgotten there was still one venue I could use to say what had really been going on. And it would be so easy: if Faith was willing to tell me what was happening in Overcomers, I could block Reg and her whole crew and post whatever I wanted in Victors, without worrying about them retaliating against Sam. The Victors page wasn't used much anymore. The last time I'd looked at it, there had been no activity for a couple of weeks. But posting there was better than not posting anywhere, and it was low-profile enough that Reg and her friends might not be aware of what I posted for awhile. It was worth a try.

So I went on the Victors page, and I posted a message that wasn't exactly my best moment. It wasn't entirely coherent, and it didn't make me look good. But it sure was satisfying.


An announcement: Be aware that the Overcomers board has been taken over and is completely controlled by Regina and Katrina and their followers, and anything you say there can and will be used against you. They will take things out of context and twist your words into things you didn't say. They are petty, vindictive, and cruel, and they don't care one bit about survivors of abuse. All they want is to be in control. Post at your own peril. If anyone is curious about this or wants to know anything more, please just send me a private message and I can give you proof of anything you want.