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The Fake Victim

One of the Victim's claims is that she somehow found her birth parents a few years ago. She pointed to a Facebook page that supposedly belonged to Ed and Elizabeth Tozar. The page was quite clearly entirely fake. When these images were presented publicly, she removed the page.

Tozar FB front page

Here are the images from the Tozar Facebook page in their original settings. The two people in the banner, the dog, the baby, all of them lifted from various web sites.

The one below came from a Russian adoption site. The man in the photo seems to have been Charles "Whit" Smith, a resident of Texas. He died in 2008. The child, of course, was cropped out.

original site parents

And the dog.

fake dog picture real dog picture

Not only is the dog fake, but it's not even the same dog.

fake dog picture real dog picture

There is even a fake grandson. We're not sure who the parents of the fake grandson were purported to be, but it's quite certain that "Alex's" photo is not a picture of Alex.

baby picture real baby site

In addition, we have the essays. There were two of these, but presenting one will suffice.

fake essay

In the interest of space, we are not including the entire essay here. It's quite long. It's also readily available on the Net. Here's the same excerpt, from Right Wing News:

real essay

And lest anyone argue that the Victim or "Ed" didn't really mean to plagiarize, the original essay is by a Russian. The Victim (or "Ed") changed that from "Russia" to "Ukraine" in the appropriate spots.

And somebody ("Ed"? "Elizabeth"?) posted the following:

posts in broken English

There are only really two choices here if this page were real. Either "Ed" somehow managed to write a lengthy essay in perfect English and then is almost illiterate the rest of the time, or this is "Elizabeth." And they've supposedly been in America since the early sixties. And somebody still writes like that?