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Weird Stuff

I have no idea what else to call all this. It's just strange. I'm sure there is some explanation for it, and I'm equally convinced that I will likely never know what it is, but I present it all for your perusal.

Nathan Davis

This is from my son's "like" page on Facebook. It's the tab called "About." I'm using it here because I made this page and know exactly what I did.

Notice the "Contact Info" at the bottom right. In this case, there are two links, one to Nate's main web site and the other to the movie web site. I filled in the information when I created the page. You have an option of including contact information or not. Your choice. Naturally, because I want people to be able to find Nathan's music, I opted in.

This is the same tab on the now defunct Truth Seeking 2nd Edition page. Since I know it's hard to read the link under the contact information area, I'll just show where it leads.

Second Edition

Here. A Facebook page about healing.

So, this is odd. Really.

He Healed Them All

Here's the status on that page from August 3, 2014. Does this sound like anyone from BJU? It's been fifty years since I was a student there, I know, but I spent a good long time in churches that were part of non-existent "network," and this doesn't sound like any of them.

He Healed Them All

So, when we look on the "About" tab on this page, we find another link.

He Healed Them All

And when we follow that link, we get here.

This is the Twitter account of somebody named David, from Columbia, CT, and it links back to the above Facebook page.

So what is this about? Did somebody named David in Connecticut who is really into faith healing start Truth Seeking 2nd Edition? Does that make any sense at all?

Update: I asked him. David, who owns He Healed Them All, had nothing whatever to do with any of this.

Twitter account

But it gets weirder.

This is a comment, actually a prayer request, posted by a fake profile named "Juno Deanamann."

"Juno" didn't make a lot of appearances on Beth's Truth Seeking page, but she did show up occasionally. It's anyone's guess who she is. I think I know, but I leave it you to figure out what you think.

Juno Deanamann

Here's the post, expanded and isolated so you can read it.

I'm not sure any commentary from me is needed.

Juno Deanamann Linda M Fossen

And then we get this, written the day after "Juno" posted her prayer request.

Linda Fossen believes that Beth Murschell is the owner/admin of the healing page. Why does she think that? Where in the world did she get this idea? I have no idea.

But then, I don't have any idea where she gets lots of her delusions.

So, is "Juno" actually Linda and Linda posted the message about Cathy being mentally ill or having "demons" to bait Beth? Or is "Juno" somebody else who actually believes Cathy is mentally ill or has "demons"? Is the stuff about "my friends debate..." true or more of Fossen's lying? If so, what could she possibly have thought she was accomplishing?

I have no idea, and don't really care much, but it's odd.

It's also sort of astonishing to me that people who carry on so about truth (Truth Seeking Graduates of BJU, Truth Seeking 2nd Edition, the Truth About..., Truth Ninjas, etc.) lie so much. We're back to fake profiles, fake prayer requests, fake contact info, fake everything.

Beth Murschell

Just for the record, the truth about Beth and He Healed Them All.