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A blogger named Jason Benner published an article several months ago. It's about bitterness. I'll let Jason tell you all about it in his own words.

Jason Benner intro

The date in the upper left corner - March 26, 2014 - is the date that Jason published this. The date in the body of the article, below the words "Part I" - October 30, 2010 - is the date Cathy wrote the article. She even tells us the time of day - 12:34 a.m. She was burning the midnight oil writing, wasn't she?

Part II was written November 2, 2010 at 8:31 a.m.

I have no idea what the exact times mean or why they are there.

Cathy Harris paragraph one

Here is the first paragraph of Part I of Cathy's essay. I am not going to include the whole thing here, in part for legal reasons, but also because it's pretty long. However you can read the full content at Jason's blog.

another blog logo

Here's another blog. I don't know who this belongs to. It's a little confusing trying to figure out who wrote what or if it's all the same author or if it's a composite mashup.

Other blog paragraph one

But whoever it belongs to, they liked Cathy's article too, and published it on April 6, 2011.

You can read it all for yourself if you like.


I've gotten some information about this blog. It appears to belong to Alan Sanchez from San Diego. He seems to have a habit of grabbing articles and posting them without the writer's permission. If true, then it's entirely possible that this person grabbed Cathy's plagiarized article and posted it without telling her. This would mean that the plagiarizer was plagiarized. And that's just hilarious in my opinion. I wonder if he can expect special visitors with shiny badges any time soon.

Chuckles logo

And, a third blog. This one is Cathy herself.

Chuckles is Cathy

And just in case there's somebody out there who doesn't already know that Cathy Harris is Chuckles Travels, here you go...

Chuckles paragraph one

Cathy published her article here a month after it was published on the odd blog above - May 6, 2011.

So, to recap: Cathy wrote the article in October, 2010 and finished it on November 2. It was published in April, 2011 on one blog, in May, 2011 on another, and finally in March, 2014 on Jason's blog. There maybe others, but that's all I could find using Google.

Free Believers logo

But there is yet another blog. This one is at least in part owned by Darin Hufford.

Darin Hufford first paragraph

It seems that Darin is clairvoyant. He published this, as you can see, on March 1, 2010. That's eight full months before Cathy even wrote it.

How could that be?

How did he do it?

This is just paragraph one. The full article is here.

Darin another paragraph

One of the most telling things about all this is encompassed in these examples.

In this paragraph, Darin tells us about an article he wrote and the problems he encountered because of the use of the word "bitterness."

Cathy another paragraph

In Cathy's version, she's not content to just have her "post" misinterpreted. Nope. She lost Facebook friends over it. She got personal messages. That's because everything she does is more, bigger, greater, and more dramatic, even when she plagiarizes.

Darin sermon

In another part of the essay, Darin describes the reaction of some folks to one of his sermons.

Cathy sermon

And in the most astonishing example of hubris I believe I have ever seen, Cathy provides us with a link to a sermon. Isn't that nice? But it's not the right sermon.

And in the Chuckles copy of the same essay, she links to yet a different sermon.

Darin's sermon can be seen/heard here. It's in several parts.

help Cathy

Maybe Jason Benner would do better to quit worrying about helping Cathy and start worrying about getting that totally plagiarized article off his blog. Maybe everyone should quit worrying about me getting "special visitors with shiny badges" and cease-and-desist letters, and start worrying about Cathy getting them.

I am sending Darin Hufford a link to this page as soon as it is published. I will also inform him that I have complete screen shots of every word that was posted in all three blogs, along with contact information.